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Relating to KCNA 9 reported that North Korean innovator, Kim Jong-un chairman of the Authorities of State 9 Message of Congratulation to Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the 75th anniversary of the success of Russia’s Great Patriotic Battle. N95 wholesale

best mask for coronavirus,Kim Jong-un said that 75 years ago the Russian people performed important heroism and sacrifice, simply great victory in the war to eliminate fascism endangered the destiny of mankind in order to defend the motherl, safeguard globe serenity and security.

Today, inherited in the fight against the common foe to his comrades into a organic of important traditional DPRK-Russia camaraderie relations, get over issues and trials facing, according to the aspirations and desires of the two individuals to further develop.

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best mask for coronavirus,also he said that Kim Jong-un, North Korea and Italy in accordance with the traditional friendly relations in the fresh century requires continuous strengthening and development, and seriously want President Putin and the Russian people’s great success over the sequence custom, building a solid Russian federation, will win new crown pneumonia crisis avoidance control war. (Total train station news reporter DONG Hai-tao) face masks for coronavirus.

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Mask for coronavirus for sale,[World Wide Internet reports reporter Zhang Yang intelligence] new crown pneumonia virus outbreaks during the global outbreak, Singapore occupants into Bishan Ang Mo Kio Recreation area fitness teaching, after that will see the bright yellow of the Boston Aspect automatic robot frequently played to keep the residents social information appropriate to help remind the range.

Singapore State Recreation area Support and the National Census and intelligent group are operating collectively to test, test system will last two weeks, a remote control owner of these robots will be managed to prevent failures during patrol.

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camera software will be utilized to evaluate the number of recreation area site visitors, the Singapore federal government complex agencies said that these digital cameras do not monitor or recognize a specific person, it does not gather personal data.

During the outbreak, Singapore offers began using robots delivery of medication and various other needs to organizations separated staff, indicating that the metal man is normally to take part as more essential to human being existence. Also began using the robot during Cina, Asia and many other countries battle the pandemic in service.

If the test of the simple progress of the Singapore recreation area, automated programs are most likely to obtain even more work during peak hours, the task may end up being prolonged to other places, after all, when a metal man pup to remind you to maintain a length when you’re tough to ignore its everyday living.

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